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The Countdown Begins

Posted by admin on January 18, 2012

As I sit here going through my tackle and preperation for my debut Bassmaster Weekend Series tournament on Lake Toho, I honestly can say that reality is starting to kick in. Sure, I have fished my fair share of tournaments in my days, but never on a stage this big. I can say that I am about to go up against some of the best competition that I have ever seen. Everything that I have worked for will all be put on the line on Saturday.  

Even though I am sitting here very anxious, I am also very ready. I have had an awesome teacher throughout the years and could not think of a better way to show it and prove it. My brother in law Dana has definitely showed me everything I need to know to handle the business at hand. Now please dont read this and think that I am getting cocky, because I am nothing but humbled by this entire experience, I am just ready to prove that I am here for a reason. So now just 3 days away, the show is about to begin. I want to again thank all of you that support me and are along for the ride, so lets get to it and GO BIG!!!!