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Finally Achieving That Day

Posted by admin on April 1, 2012

 Finally, the day I had worked for my entire bass fishing career had come. On March 17, 2012.. my brother in law Dana and I won out first Crossroads Bass Club tournament. We have been fishing with this club since 2006 and had never won a tournament, came close, but never won.

 Alot of things had to come together for this day. Dana had prefished the lakes the 2 days going into this tournament. Usually this hadnt played out good for us, but it finally did. We had decided that we would start our day in Lake Griffin, which was about a 30 minute run for us. Went to our first spot and pulled a 4 and a 2 pounder. After that, we left and hit the marsh.

 The marsh played somewhat of a good role for us, as we finished out our limit and began culling. We fished here for about 45 minutes and moved to some other spots we had on the lake. Around 12 o'clock we still had the same fish in the live well, and needed to upgrade desperately. KNowing that this chain of lakes was a morning bite lake, we had to make a decision. So back to Eustis we went, with only 1 hour left to fish before weigh in.

 Pulled up to an old grass bed we knew in Eustis with a long row of docks and went to work. My choice was burning a Lucky Craft 1.5 squarebill and a 1/2 oz Advantage Spinnerbait with double gold willows in the Bluegill pattern. In 30 minutes we caught 11 fish all between 3-5 pounds, and got the upgrades that we desperately needed. Now it was just time to head to the weigh in and see how we faired.

 As told before, you know the day was a huge success for us. But we werent the only ones that had a good day. As I am proud to say my dad, Tommy Cobb, caught the biggest fish he had ever caught and the 2nd big bass of the tournament, a hefty 6.14lb hawg. Thiis was truely a proud moment for me. You grow up looking up to your parents, and to see something take place that you helped teach your parent, it is truely a blessing and a moment that i surely will never forget.