Kissimmee Chain Part 2

Posted by admin on May 1, 2012

 Well back to the Kissimmee Chain I went for the 2nd time this season on the Bassmaster Weekend Series trail. With high hopes in hand, I was ready to fish!!! Without a doubt, I had the best practice that I could have ever asked for. I always practice with my brother in law Dana to help him find fish, because he fishes on the boater side of the events. So, the weekend before the tourney, we headed

 The day started out kinda off, needless to say. We hit the first spot in our minds and kinda went for it. We ran through a kicker trail on the north end of the lake flipping and running a swim bait. No luck flipping, but the swim bait started showing potential with a few swirls and bites. At first the bites werent really anything to write home about, but we were finding fish. So we went to the pig trail between Lake Kissimmee and the North Cove.

 After finding nothing in the pig trail, we ran to the Seven Palms section of the lake, and thats when Advantage Bait Co, took over. I picked up a 1/2 oz threadfin shad with double gold willow blades and brought the pain. Within 10 casts I had already put a solid 3 1/2 and 2 1/2 lb bass in the boat. I was starting to notice a pattern, something that I have struggled with in my career thus far.

 After we caught those 2 fish, we packed up and moved. There we went to the middle of the lake looking for floating hiacen that met with lily pads. My 3rd cast I hooked up with a monster. She stayed down the entire time and then wrapped me around some cat tails and came off. So once again, we found a descent spot. Time again to pack up and find more. Now we find ourselves fishing through the grass island in the middle of Lake Kissimmee.

 This tactic was far different then what we had been doing to find the fish earlier, and it proved so, not one bite. As we got ready to leave, Dana asked me where I wanted to go, so I told him lets go back to North Cove and go all the way North. Once again we found ourselves with the cover we wanted! Long story short, we left shortly after catching 2 7lbrs!!

 Now back to tourney day, as I said I had high hopes. I found tourney day a lot different than practice. I lost a 4 lbr early in the morning on a skinny dipper and didnt have another bite until 230, when weigh in was at 315. Thanks to my boater, he took me to one spot where i could get a quick limit before weigh in. Within 30 minutes I had 2 fish in the boat and another on the line! I set the hook, she comes out the water, and spits the hook back at me... a solid 2 1/2 - 3 lb fish.

 Sadly speaking I only weighed in the 2 fish for 2.07lbs, landing me in 31st place. But I dont see the glass half empty still, bc I moved up in point closely securing a spot in the regionals with only a 2 day tournament in Okeechobee in September left. The results may not be high as I wish, but I'm learning and I am getting better!!!





Finally Achieving That Day

Posted by admin on April 1, 2012

 Finally, the day I had worked for my entire bass fishing career had come. On March 17, 2012.. my brother in law Dana and I won out first Crossroads Bass Club tournament. We have been fishing with this club since 2006 and had never won a tournament, came close, but never won.

 Alot of things had to come together for this day. Dana had prefished the lakes the 2 days going into this tournament. Usually this hadnt played out good for us, but it finally did. We had decided that we would start our day in Lake Griffin, which was about a 30 minute run for us. Went to our first spot and pulled a 4 and a 2 pounder. After that, we left and hit the marsh.

 The marsh played somewhat of a good role for us, as we finished out our limit and began culling. We fished here for about 45 minutes and moved to some other spots we had on the lake. Around 12 o'clock we still had the same fish in the live well, and needed to upgrade desperately. KNowing that this chain of lakes was a morning bite lake, we had to make a decision. So back to Eustis we went, with only 1 hour left to fish before weigh in.

 Pulled up to an old grass bed we knew in Eustis with a long row of docks and went to work. My choice was burning a Lucky Craft 1.5 squarebill and a 1/2 oz Advantage Spinnerbait with double gold willows in the Bluegill pattern. In 30 minutes we caught 11 fish all between 3-5 pounds, and got the upgrades that we desperately needed. Now it was just time to head to the weigh in and see how we faired.

 As told before, you know the day was a huge success for us. But we werent the only ones that had a good day. As I am proud to say my dad, Tommy Cobb, caught the biggest fish he had ever caught and the 2nd big bass of the tournament, a hefty 6.14lb hawg. Thiis was truely a proud moment for me. You grow up looking up to your parents, and to see something take place that you helped teach your parent, it is truely a blessing and a moment that i surely will never forget.



The Countdown Begins

Posted by admin on January 18, 2012

As I sit here going through my tackle and preperation for my debut Bassmaster Weekend Series tournament on Lake Toho, I honestly can say that reality is starting to kick in. Sure, I have fished my fair share of tournaments in my days, but never on a stage this big. I can say that I am about to go up against some of the best competition that I have ever seen. Everything that I have worked for will all be put on the line on Saturday.  

Christmas and the Path Ahead

Posted by admin on December 31, 2011

Well the Christmas season has come and gone. With this said, I would like to say a huge Thank You to my parents for believing in me and my fishing abilties enough to pay for this website being started as well as paying for my upcoming tournament season jerseys. These were without a doubt the best presents that I could have ever asked for. But with that said, I cannot go on without thanking my beautiful wife Stacy for supplying me with a new rod, as well as 3 new reels, so that I can tackle my competition as well as the fish this coming season.... This was my daughter Dakotas 3rd Christmas, and a huge one. Honestly speaking, I do not think that any one person has ever seen so much Thomas the Train stuff in my life. My house is officially a new train station for Thomas and his friends. She got book and trains and tracks and blankets, and etc... I really could go on for hours, but as long as daddys little girl is happy, so is daddy.  

West Virginia and Upcoming season

Posted by admin on December 8, 2011